10 Of The Best Kids Halloween Costumes 2017

We know, we know, Halloween is officially over but we just aren't ready yet! So we're going to spend our first day of November reminiscing over 10 Of The Best Kids Halloween Costumes that we saw this year.

1. This gorgeous little deer costume.

Girl's Cute Deer Halloween Costume

Okay, so it might not be terrifying, but how adorable is this deer costume? From Pinterest.

2. This adorable yet freaky Chucky and Bride of Chucky duo.

Not sure if terrifying or just terrifyingly cute. We love it though! From Costume Works.

3. The sassiest lil' unicorn.

We cannot get over how insanely adorable this costume is. Unicorns are big business this year and this little girl totally slayed Halloween with her costume. From Kelly Page Anders's Facebook page.

4. The creepiest IT Georgie and Pennywise duo.

Again, we can't quite agree if this costume is brilliant or brilliantly creepy. From Pinterest.

5. This oh-so-fabulous flamingo.

Who says Halloween has to be scary? We love this sassy pink flamingo costume and we're sure this little girl felt totally fabulous! From JOYFOLIE.

6. Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII.

A totally one-of-a-kind Halloween costume - one that we've never actually seen before here at Millie and John! We think this one is truly brilliant. From Imgur.

7. The Princess and The Frog.

Too cute. From Twitter.

8. Russell and Carl from UP.

Just look at that walking stick! 😩 From Imgur.

9. The other (less creepy) Chuckie.

Could this costume get any cuter?! From Reddit.

10. Foxxy Cleopatra from Goldmember x2.

How gorgeous this mama-daughter duo? So. Much. Sparkle! From Twitter.

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