About Us

Who are Millie and John?

We are Millie and John, for little people. We are grandparents, parents, children, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, cousins. We are a family-run business based in South Yorkshire, UK and we want you to become a part of our journey.

Millie and John is a global online baby boutique selling traditional British and Spanish clothing and accessories for your little ones. We like to think that our pieces are fashionable enough for your little ones' tastes but also cute enough for yours, whilst also not breaking the bank. We are truly passionate about bringing you the finest quality clothing from some of the best European brands there are which is why we personally hand select all of the designs that you see on our website.

Who are we?

Our Story

Millie and John was born by chance in September 2017. Susan was busy hand crafting her Bespoke range and needed an online presence, so I (Ellie) decided to create a website where she could show off and sell her beautiful designs. But then we thought "why not sell hats and scarves to be sold alongside Susan's Pom Pom Hoodies?", so we secured our first ever brand Kinder. However, Kinder didn't just manufacture our (now best-selling) pom pom hats, they also handmade pretty dresses, so obviously we had to stock some of those too... and our offering just grew, and grew, and grew.

We began with just one small room in our home, but quickly outgrew that and were having to store stock in our living room. The solution? A log cabin in the garden. However, the second it was complete we realised we had already outgrown that - so we renovated our garage, but then that wasn't big enough, we needed an overflow room! So we constructed another shed behind the log cabin. We just kept growing, and growing, and growing, until our living room was soon full to the brim yet again.

We're now in May 2020 and are proud stockists of 22 European brands, with another 7 brands joining us for AW20, sending parcels all across the world, from Worksop (right here on our doorstep!) to Hollywood and Sydney, and are soon moving into our very first "official" commercial warehouse property so that we can finally sit in our living room again for the first time in nearly 3 years!

Millie and John truly is a labour of love: every order we receive earns it's own little happy dance; every kind review or email melts our hearts a little more; every photo of your little one wearing our clothing feels surreal. We are so incredibly grateful for every single one of you for allowing us to make it this far, for trusting in little old us, for, as cheesy as it sounds, making our dreams come true. We wouldn't be here without you, so thank you.

Meet the Team


Hi there, I'm Ellie. I'm the young "millennial" in charge of all things technical and social. I created the website, and keep it updated, I photograph stock, run our social media, reply to customer service emails and am usually the person that will be on the other end of the computer when you're chatting to Millie and John. The business keeps me busy but I wouldn't have it any other way!

You can contact me directly at ellie@millieandjohn.com.


The brainy, finance side of things, Howard's the one who takes care of our accounts and makes sure we don't spend too much money on stock, as well as handling the shipping side of things.

You can contact Howard direct at howard@millieandjohn.com.


Susan is the brains behind Millie and John Bespoke - all of those lovely hand crafted garments you see are the result of her magic knitting needles. When you order one of our Bespoke pieces you can rest assured that she will be sat in front of the fire morning, noon and night lovingly creating your garment for you (although I promise she isn't as old as that makes her sound!).

Susan is also the one who hand picks and packages all of your parcels!

But why Millie and John?

Millie and John are cherished names in our family, with every first born girl having Millicent as her middle name and every first born boy having the first name John. We wanted to honour our family tradition and decided our newest endeavour would also bear the family names - no other name would have been suitable for us. 

Meet the Little People

Abigail Millicent

DOB: 10/01/14

Favourite Colour: Yellow AND Pink (Mr Blobby vibes, anyone?)

Favourite Food: Anything from Grandma's snack cupboard

Dream Job: Bone doctor (currently)

John Henry

DOB: 28/09/15

Favourite Food: Biscuits

Favourite Animal: Dinosaur

Most Likely To Be Found: Eating

Sophie Alison Eleanor

DOB: 22/03/18

Most Likely To Be Found: Snorting along to the Peppa Pig theme tune

The Boring Stuff

Company Name: Millie and John LTD

Company Registration Number: 11219243

VAT Number: 288564839

Email: info@millieandjohn.com

Warehouse Address: Unit 36-37 Colliery Close, Dinnington Business Centre, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S25 3QX

Registered Office: 24 Taylor Crescent, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S81 8SG