Size Guide

Please note that this is just an approximate size guide for guidance only. For more help with sizes please send us an email to

We are more than happy to measure any item(s) that you would like so that you can purchase the best size for your little one.

 Size Height, cm Height, inches Weight
Tiny Baby - - up to 5-7.5lbs, 2.3-3.4kg
Newborn 46cm 18" up to 7.5lbs, 3.4kg
up to 1 month 56cm 22" up to 10.5lbs, 4.8kg
up to 3 months 62cm 24" up to 14.5lbs, 6.6kg
up to 6 months 68cm 27" up to 17.5lbs, 8kg
up to 9 months 74cm 29" up to 20lbs, 9kg
up to 12 months 80cm 31" up to 24lbs, 11kg
up to 18 months 86cm 34" -
up to 24 months 92cm 36" -
up to 3 years 98cm 39" -
up to 4 years 104cm 41" -
up to 5 years 116cm 46" -